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At the outset of the 1990s, five men decided to make their dreams come true and build the world's best motor boats for the demanding conditions experienced in the North. To this end, they left the company they were working for and set up their own company. Their very first prototype was awarded a prize for Best Trolling Boat. Since then, the boat range has grown to become an impressive fleet of aluminum boats.

Nowadays Silver boats are a common sight out at sea and on lakes, attracting loyal followers in both its homeland and increasingly throughout the world. Not that it's any wonder - since Silver is in a design class of its own: Durable and comfortable, our boats offers the best features of a durable marine aluminium hull and a comfortable, reinforced plastic interior.

Silver has always paid particular attention to silence, as we feel nothing is more relaxing than spending your spare time enjoying the peace and quiet, away from the hustle of the everyday city life. Our mission is to develop boats that allow you to follow your dreams at sea, no matter be it cruising along the coast with your family and friends, or enjoying some quality time with your fishing rod. Simply put - Time Well Spent.

When buying a Silver boat, you know you've acquired a durable Finnish quality product that makes boating simple, carefree and fun. Due to our unique manufacturing method our boats are not only comfortable, safe and quiet, but they also retain their value over the years.


Silver is a truly unique boat brand in the world. Since the very beginning all Silver boats have been manufactured utilizing special triangular box-like structures in the hull sides. These triangular aluminum side structures are densely filled with polyurethane foam that does not absorb water. Due to this construction method all our boats are extremely safe, torsionally rigid and practically unsinkable. The side box structures also help make rides very quiet, as they suppress hull-borne structural noise.

Still to this day all Silver boats are manufactured in Finland by passionate boat builders. We are extremely proud of our Finnish heritage and aim to strengthen our possision on both domestic and international markets with a broad palette of boats. Today Silver boats are made both with the conventional hybrid AluFibreTM -structure (Y-series) and as pure aluminum motor boats (X-series). As of 2018 we also produce boats in pure fiberglass, these boats go under the name 'Z-series'.

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