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Honda motorcycles

By the largest engine manufacturer in the world, a range of different sized motorcycles from which anyone can choose a bike to fit their own needs and driving skill level.

The Honda motorcycles website is

Honda motocross

The range that has a success story unlike any other by which a large amount of championships has been won. The range covers options from both young amateur drivers to professional drivers.

The Honda motorcross website is

Honda gear and accessories

Honda original parts, gear, accessories and equipment has been designed specifically for each model. With these products you ensure that your Honda stays a Honda from year to year.

Honda gear and accessories can be found at

Honda ATV

The worlds most bought ATV (all terrain vehicle) was introduced to the market 1970, long before the others competitors. The secret behind the success is reliable technique, multiple means of use, a strong traction and work capacity.

The Honda ATV website is

Honda Marine outboard engines

The worlds most experienced manufacturer of four stroke engines, and is throughout history the most purchased outboard engine brand in the world whose first model was released as early as 1964.

The Honda Marine outboard engines website is

Honda Power Equipment

The worlds’ largest engine manufacturer, Honda offers a range of lawnmowers, trimmers, generators, snow throwers, water pumps and engines and much more for both private and professional use. 

The Honda Power Equipment website is


Used by everyone from a regular driver to the brightest stars of motor sports, one of the safest helmet brands out there, the legendary Arai.

The Arai helmet collection:


Aprilia was born into racing and is the real sporty flagship brand for Piaggio Group.


Legendaarinen moottoripyörämerkki syntyi uudelleen. Nyt Bultaco jatkaa siitä, mihin se viimeksi jäi: tarjoten asiakkaille pyöriä, joissa on huomisen teknologia ja joita on hauska käyttää. 


Derbi is the first step for many young people into the motorcycling world and it is one of the key players in the world of motorcycle competition.


Gilera, the sporty and elegant Italian brand, creates motorcycles which are the top ones for style, performance and technology.


Piaggio is synonymous with freedom in daily life. It offers a complete range of original, creative and intelligent solutions for metropolitan mobility.


Vespa is the expression of a unique and distinctive lifestyle. The timeless success of Vespa is tied to its extraordinary historic and iconographic wealth.


Perinteinen moottoripyörä kehittyneimmällä tekniikalla – Zero on moottoripyörien evoluution viimeisin askel yhdistäen liikkumisen vapauden ja kestävän kehityksen.


Ligier is a legendary manufacturer of F1-cars and their range of mopedcars respects the tradition and the manufacturers’ long and successful history in motor sports. The latest example is the RS Racing model – a fully equipped model that combines the best quality with a youthful sportiness with a nice finish. To drive a Ligier moped car (in Finland) you need to be 15 years old and have a moped license.

See our website for more information on Ligier moped cars


Torqeedo is the most effective electric outboard engine on the market, that will prosper no matter how strict the environmental rules get. It is safe for the environment and for its user. With the soundless, combustion free and economical Torqeedo you will get more bang for the buck, with a larger propeller power and long lasting acumulators that lasts up to eight times longer than the competitors’. This means you can go farther and for a longer time. 

See our website for more information on Torqeedo electric outboard engines


Europe's largest moped car manufacturer Drive Planet had brought a whole new moped car concept to the market. Dué First drops the pricing level for new moped cars to an all time low, a level that most other manufacturers cannot go to. Despite the low price, the quality stays on the same high level.


Finnish Terhi boats are made out of strong and smooth, shock and weather proof ABS-plastic. The space between the two vacuum formed shells is filled with a non-absorbing polyurethane foam, which functions both as a strengthener and as pontoon. This so called sandwich structure suppresses hull-born noises and makes the boats wholly unsinkable. The Terhis are long-lived and extremely easy manageable boats with a finish unlike that of any other small boats. 


Silver is a truly unique boat brand in the world. Since the very beginning all Silver boats have been manufactured utilizing special triangular box-like structures in the hull sides. These triangular aluminum side structures are densely filled with polyurethane foam that does not absorb water. Due to this construction method all our boats are extremely safe, torsionally rigid and practically unsinkable. The side box structures also help make rides very quiet, as they suppress hull-borne structural noise.

Still to this day all Silver boats are manufactured in Finland by passionate boat builders. We are extremely proud of our Finnish heritage and aim to strengthen our possision on both domestic and international markets with a broad palette of boats. Today Silver boats are made both with the conventional hybrid AluFibreTM -structure (Y-series) and as pure aluminum motor boats (X-series). As of 2018 we also produce boats in pure fiberglass, these boats go under the name 'Z-series'.


Europower, a high quality European generator

Europower generators are all assembled in Belgium. We offer Honda, Yanmar and Kubota as enginge options for the generators, but other engine brands is possible upon demand. Now you can customize your generator to your needs. At your local dealer, choose the enginge size and then the specifications. Anything is possible, everything from a larger enginge tank to wireless start/stop function. What makes Europower stand out is that you can use both luminous flux and electrical power at the same time. Europower generators’ can be programmed so that they can automatically start in case of electric outage. In case of a outage the generator will automatically start and you will have continous electricity at your site. When the outage is over the generator will automatically shut down.